Pit Bike

AYRTON LEGEND INTERNATIONAL, famous pit bike manufacturer, is today one of the largest European and international companies operating in this sector.

The company is made up of two macro divisions:

1) the division dedicated to the construction and production of pit bikes AYTON XTREMA MADE IN ITALY, Italian pit bike (made in Bologna) of the highest quality and performance, which is currently among the best pit bikes in the world.

2) the second division is dedicated to the import of pit bike models produced in China, universal accessories and spare parts for all pit bikes in the world.

The range of AYRTON LEGEND pitbike models is divided into 4 models from which the various versions arise.

1) Range of XTREMA models made in Italy, exclusive Italian motorcycles completely designed, built, developed and assembled in Italy, satisfying any customer request in assembling the best components on the market.

2) Range of VIPER EVO models. exclusive motorcycles, designed in Italy and produced abroad. even on this model it is possible to satisfy any customer request in assembling the best components on the market.

3) Range of HURRICANE ALUMINUM and HURRICANE STEEL models. Chinese motorcycles imported respectively with aluminum frame (hurricane aluminum) and with steel frame (hurricane). its design and construction are 100% made in China. This model is perfectly identical and precise for all Italian and foreign importers, absolutely nothing changes between the importers except colors, graphics and small customizations. The Chinese manufacturer produces one and only one identical model for all which it distributes to all importers. Of course, every importer gives him the fancy name he wants but beware the product is always the same for everyone and throughout Europe.

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