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Online Workshop - Italy Motorcycle Services | Ayrton PitBike

Online Workshop - Italy Motorcycle Services

Ayrton legend pitbike, leading company in the pit bike world and Italian champion of the national championship speed pitbike 2018 and 2019 sel, provides its experience at the service of owners, customers and pilots who own an AYRTON pitbike or any other brand.

This long experience of over 10 years of competitions, tests, design and product development, has matured on the national and European competition fields, collaborating with experienced engineers, strong pilots and highly qualified technicians and trainers located throughout the national and European territory.

We can follow together with our technicians and engineers the development, the chassis, bike and engine development of your pitbike.

Below we describe only a small list of the many services we can offer:

Frame and chassis section

• design and development of the chassis, construction quotas and connected chassis

• optimization and "grounding" of your existing existing chassis.

Engine section

• Replacing pitbike engines from 110 to 212 cc

• Pit bike preparation according to the regulations and the fisch of homologation of the major Italian championships (12 inches, cnv, supermoto, Motorsport And others)

• Super engine or open engine processing.

Suspension section

• We prepare and process with ad hoc studies, exclusive pit motard calibrations for the most common brands of forks / monoshocks in Europe (tech, fastace, Dnm, mupo, k4, k2, proshock, gpx)

• We review original or prepared pit bike forks

• We review single pitbike shock absorbers of the most common European brands (mupo, dnm, fastace, matris)

Of course the preparations take place in just a few working days, with collection and home delivery by express courier, since we have all the spare motor parts directly in our well stocked warehouse (among the largest and supplied in Italy and Europe with over 4000 items at stock)


For any question, curiosity or information our staff is at your disposal to satisfy all your requests

Thank you very much for your attention